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Why mindfulness?

Practicing mindfulness in writing and songwriting is a way of showing up for yourself and your craft with your whole heart and mind: aware, curious, and receptive.

Why mysticism?

Creativity is our birthright, and working with mystical skills helps to remind that we don't just have an inner well of creativity - we are a well of creativity!

Why craft tools?

Craft tools form the skillset through which the writer or songwriter expresses their unique aesthetic. Examples are example: dialogue, rhyme & imagery.


  Creativity is part of our innate nature...

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Meet Béthany

Hi, I’m Béthany, a Writing & Songwriting Coach, Writer, Singer-Songwriter, and Reiki Master who knows how to ignite your writing from the portal of pure essence within, and support compelling communication with a skillful use of craft tools.


For 15 years and across 3 continents, I have been guiding songwriters, writers, artists, yoga teachers and healers with gentle yet profound intuitive insight to help source their creative life from their unique inner Light.


Winner of the Mark Linenthal Award for Poetry, with an MA in songwriting, a BA in creative writing, 12 years of training in the writer's workshop process, and 20 years of personal mystical, meditative and shamanic practice, trainings and mentorships, I have a passion for empowering writers to read like a writer, rekindle their joy of writing, and refine their use of craft tools so that their writing radiates with their unique expressive voice.

"Do you have the courage to bring forth the 

treasures that are hidden inside you?"

Elizabeth Gilbert


90 Days of Immersive Writing may be the

gift you've been

longing to give yourself.

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Client Testimonials

Thank you Béthany for bringing so much peace and love into the world. Your Energy-Work-Sessions have a healing touch that is as powerful as it is understated, and you helped me get my life back on track. You have the gift.

RJP, Musician

I can’t thank you enough for what clarity and Joy arrived  through today’s session with you. Every session has offered me tools to use for ongoing rediscovery of my inner light and ground.

C, Artist

So much kindness and love radiates from her, one feels completely at home in her presence. 

O, Yoga Teacher

Béthany's Reiki channeling is subtle and unmistakable. In addition to calming and lessening your pain, she also provides insight into your inner world that will help you even after the session ends. Béthany is extraordinarily gifted, and what's more, her talents are effortlessly linked with her great compassion. Béthany cares deeply for those who are hurting. I'm grateful to have met her.

TJ, Musician

90 Days of Immersive Writing Coaching

Come home to your creativity:

~ Give voice to your stories

~ Refine your aesthetic

~ Zap creative inertia and fear

Work on memoir, short stories, articles, songs, poems or novel projects.

Nurture the writer within:

~ Immerse yourself in writing

~ Practice Reading as a Writer

~ Strengthen your use of craft tools

Receive compassionate support, mindful individualized guidance and skillful feedback.

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