1-1 Light-Energy  Sessions

Integrate, Balance, Harmonize

Held in a loving field of Reiki and light streams, I bring into focus your unique frequencies/colors/textures of light - the "bundle" of light that resonates as your home frequency.


With 20 years of training in intuitive energy work, I guide the release of dissonant patterns and encourage you to interact with and amplify your unique, exquisite gifts and wisdom.

Clients describe these powerfully transformative sessions as lovely, healing, supportive, and "like an energy hug."

Whether you are seeking the warmth and nurturing of a Reiki session or help with untangling old patterns and beliefs, these sessions offer the gift of gentle awareness and a light-ening of embodiment. 


Contact me for a free chat to find out if this is optimal for you at this time, or to discuss sliding scale offerings.