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Choose your craft

Guitarist Songwriter


Song form ~

Components of song ~

Music theory for songwriters ~

Note tendencies & intervals ~

Building and releasing tension ~

Transitions ~

Harmonic and melodic cadencing ~

Storytelling and imagery in lyrics ~

Phrase length and placement ~

Harmonic texture ~

Chord progressions & loops ~

Rhythm ~

Rhyme ~

Writing in alt tunings ~

History of popular songwriting ~

Woman writing poetry stories

Creative writing

~ Imagery

~ Point of view

~ Beginnings, Middles & Endings

~ Dialogue

~ Narration

~ Voice

~ Storytelling

~ Rhythm

~ Rhyme

~ Poetic forms

~ Short stories

~ Memoir & nonfiction

~ Novel length projects

~ Character development

~ A sense of place

90 days of 1-1 Immersive Coaching


A questionnaire to highlight your goals, creative background, and aesthetic

90 minute intake session

Thirteen 90 minute coaching calls, via Zoom or Skype

Editorial feedback on 3 pages of text per week or 1 song per week (between sessions)

Recommended reading/listening tailored to your creative process/aesthetic

Weekly writing prompts

Weekly follow-up notes

BONUS book on the creative process delivered to you in the first month of coaching

BONUS three months of Lunar Grove membership

LOTS of encouragement and insight!


Write new material

Study the craft elements

Refine your goals

Establish a daily (or regular) practice

Practice reading as a writer/ listening as a songwriter

Learn to analyze your own creations, using the ‘5 Questions’

Link craft elements to emotional and structural effect

Play with rewriting techniques

Befriend the blank page


Meditation and Mysticism:

Begin sessions with a brief meditation

Connect with your inner muse

Use mindfulness to refine your writer’s eye & songwriter’s ear

Clear timeline imprints that may be effecting your creative flow & permission to shine

Weave your spiritual practice further into your creative practice

Meet the inner critic with compassion

Tend to your inner well of creativity

Valued at $2400, this is currently being offered at the re-reduced price

(given the strange times)


$1650  $1200

90 days of immersive 1-1 coaching may be the gift you’ve been looking to give yourself.

Additional "Strange Times" Offerings:

1/2 hour 1-1 session $35


4 1/2 hour sessions $120


1 hour 1-1 session $65


4 1 hour sessions $240

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