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90-Day Intensive Individual Coaching

Who is individual coaching for?


You know you have something to say. You may even already be saying it - but you would like to go further, to fully immerse yourself in the joy and abundance of the craft of writing.


Sacred Space Individual Coaching offers the opportunity for extensive mindful, compassionate workshopping, empowering you to Read like a Writer, and strengthen your unique aesthetic. 


Every writer is at a different place on their creative journey, so Individual Coaching offers individualized support to develop your unique voice through playful writing exercises, guided editing and rewriting and a study of craft tools.


Your journey through the Sacred Space of creativity is woven with mystical creating tools and meditations, to inspire authentic and joyful creative practice - or as I like to say, "creative play."


This is an opportunity to prioritize YOU, your joy, your truth, your exquisite wisdom - and your calling as a writer in a fun and mindful atmosphere.

Valued at $2000, this is currently being offered at a beta-price of $1200.