Writer / Singer-Songwriter

Béthany’s writing and musical career is interwoven with her spiritual journey, each enriching the other at every turn. 


While studying in the writing and songwriting programs of Columbia College Chicago, San Francisco State University, and Bath Spa University, she worked with the teachings of A.H. Almaas, Inelia Benz and Leslie Temple-Thurston, and began mystical training with Nalini MacNab. 


After being honored with the Mark Linenthal Award for Poetry, she enrolled in an MA in Songwriting, at Bath Spa University in England, where she completed her thesis on Meditation in Music Education. She continued on with additional training in Celtic Bardism, Thich Nhat Hanh's Mindful Educator's technique, and as a yoga teacher, integrating each of these teachings into her songs and stories.



As a songwriter, Béthany has co-written with Bianca Obino, Farhan Mannan, Esther Frake, Comfort Cat, John Denton, and Lesley Hobbs, and appeared as a vocalist on Cold Cold Heart’s album How the Other Half Live and Die released in 2015 on Fluttery records. 


Her ambient post-rock collaboration with Chris Mackin has been referred to as “otherworldly, experimental and compelling, [with] a hymnal quality,” while her solo work rings with “innocence and magic realism that encapsulates … warmth and [a] generous nature.” 


Known for singing in French, English and even Icelandic, Béthany has published stories and poetry, nonfiction and translations, and is the creator of the Lunar Grove, a moon-thly membership group focussed on the nature of creativity as supported by the Green World. Béthany currently teaches writing and songwriting over Zoom, and is preparing a new solo EP.