Embody the Nature of Creativity

Welcome! The Lunar Grove is a monthly membership program with guidance from the Greenworld to support conscious creativity.

Join me for a subscription series focused on amplifying the support of the natural world in your creative life.

The Greenworld is speaking to us all the time, singing its songs of light in harmony with the Earth, the tides, the Four-Legged, Finned, Winged, the stellar Beings, and yes, us too.

Each new moon, I highlight a specific plant species who wishes to play and share its wisdom about living a creative life. You will receive a membership-only newsletter with an article and guided meditation, woven with a transmission of the plant's resonance.

The Lunar Grove is responsive specifically to the needs of the members, with information about and from individual plant friends about refining and expanding your personal relationship - focussed specifically on creativity.


You are invited to play in the exquisite and pure energetic playground of the Greenworld. This is going to be fun!

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Lunar Grove Testimonials

🌿  "This writing is profound."

🌿  "Holy moly that's a good read!"

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🌿  "They're great reads, thank you so         much for this."

🌿  "So lovely, thank you."

🌿 "Wonderful."

Past Featured Elements of Nature

Hedgehog Cactus: Begin at the Beginning

Juniper: Setting Intentions

Rain: Shake it Off

Lavender: Relax

Maple: Caring for Our Emotions

Oak: A Journey to the Root

Catalpa: Fluid Grounding

The Meeting of Earth and Water


Snowdrop: Nurturing New Ideas


Tulsi: Resting in our Inner Nature

Eucalyptus: Softening A Sense of Self

Reishi: Lightening and Brightening

Birch: Renewing Stability

Ti: Befriending and Honoring the Body

Stones: Gratitude and Asking for Help


Nature: Deepening a Personal Relationship

Orange: Recharge to Reset

Fir: Dropping Everything

Holly: Lightening and Brightening

Sand: Grounding Through the Shift

Mint: Re-freshing Perspectives

Earth: Dreams Matter

Mountain: Edge-Running

Fern: Unfurl

Leaf: Receiving the Light

Leaf II: Listen In

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