Reiki, Clairvoyance
& Astrology

with Béthany

~ Integrate, Balance, Harmonize ~

Held in a loving field of Reiki and light streams, I bring into focus your unique frequencies/colors/textures of light - the "bundle" of light that resonates as your home frequency.


With over 20 years of training in intuitive energy work, including 23 years of Reiki practice (19 as a Reiki Master), I guide the release of dissonant patterns and encourage you to interact with and amplify your unique, exquisite gifts and wisdom.

Clients from three continents have recommended me to their friends, describing these powerfully transformative sessions as healing, lovely, wonderful, supportive, and "like an energy hug."

Whether you are seeking the warmth and nurturing of a Reiki session or help with untangling old patterns and beliefs, these sessions offer the gift of gentle awareness and a light-ening of embodiment. 

Distance Reiki or Clairvoyance,
1/2 hour
$45 $40

Distance sessions offer all the energy benefits of in-person work, and can be done over the phone or zoom.
I have been offering distance sessions professionally for ten years, supporting clients across the country and across borders.
The half hour sessions are powerful and soothing - a lot can change and release in just 30 minutes.
Price has been reduced in reflection of the unusual economic times.

Distance Reiki or Clairvoyance,
Packages of 4 1/2 hour sessions
$180 $144

Plan ahead and book four sessions in a row. Repeating sessions allows for a deepening of Stillness to support your Light.
These sessions can be particularly helpful during challenging times, or to support you during times of conscious transformation.
Price has been reduced in reflection of the unusual economic times.
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Astrology Natal Chart Reading,
75 minutes

Natal chart readings offer support in refining your life intentions, guidance on your pathway to self-realization, highlight the "Ph.D." that you were born with, and point out places of unresolved energies, ripe for transformation.

You will receive a pdf copy of your natal chart & an mp3 recording, if desired.

Transit Reading (for current year),
60 minutes

A transit reading looks at how the current astrology is influencing your natal chart. The cycles of the planets creates initiations of the different planets/archetypes that are in your chart, by putting pressure on them or providing support for different aspects of the journey at different stages of life.

You will receive a pdf copy of your natal chart with current transits & an mp3 recording, if desired.


​​Thank you Béthany for bringing so much peace and love into the world. Your Energy-Work-Sessions have a healing touch that is as powerful as it is understated, and you helped me get my life back on track. You have the gift.


RJP, Musician

I can’t thank you enough for what clarity and Joy arrived  through today’s session with you. Every session has offered me tools to use for ongoing rediscovery of my inner light and ground.


C, Artist.

So much kindness and love radiates from her, one feels completely at home in her presence.


O, Yoga Teacher

Béthany's Reiki channeling is subtle and unmistakable. In addition to calming and lessening your pain, she also provides insight into your inner world that will help you even after the session ends. Béthany is extraordinarily gifted, and what's more, her talents are effortlessly linked with her great compassion. Béthany cares deeply for those who are hurting. I'm grateful to have met her.


TJ, Musician

She has the gift of being able to describe the state of my soul, and put in words what I have been experiencing but unable to express.