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Samhain Blessings

This is the time of Samhain. The Wheel has almost completed its turning. The year which began at the winter solstice is drawing to closure. The night lengthens, the days shorten, the air grows colder. The leaves are brightening, are falling. The trees draw their energies inward, to their core. The animals make winter dens, and grow winter coats.

In the lengthening night, we take more time to rest, to care for ourselves, to nourish and nurture, to remedy the difficulties that have arisen this year, to heal and remember our wholeness, our bright core of energy. We honour the releasing, and hear the Samhain call to hold onto only what is most valuable: our own Essential energy. The purity of Source that is our Core has the potential to infuse every gesture, every moment, every choice. We invite it to do so.

Let us first release the past year, honour what calls our attention, and let go. For this, we call in the energies of the Great Mother, Great Father, the earth-wisdom, the sky-knowing. The great truths, the energies of beingness of the All, dissolve away all that is not nourishing. Great Mother energy at this time hastens the dying, hastens the release. At this time of year, we can access an energetic quickening of release, and let go, let go, let go, so that all that is new in us has space to expand into.

As we breathe deeply, we relax into the energy of the Great Mother, the Great Father, earth-wisdom, sky-knowing. We relax and release. We honour difficulties and allow ourselves to be nourished, nurtured. We honour the effects of the past: fatigue, hurt or fear. and we know that we are held by the Great Spirit, that we are cleansed and released.

As we breathe deeply, we relax into the energy of the Great Mother, the Great Father. As the leaves and perennial plants fall back into the earth and begin their decay, we remember those who have died, whose bodies are no longer, but whose Spirits transformed into other realms. We pause, and welcome their wisdom, the wisdom that we are greater than our physical bodies, that we are greater than our earthly-lives. Knowing that our bodies will die, that our Spirits will transform.

Knowing this, we honour the presence that we have in this moment, with these bodies. And we pause, in gratitude, to ourselves, to Great Mother and Great Father.

We pause, in gratitude, for the present being-ness of those we love, who are embodied right now, knowing that they too, change with the seasons, and one day, their bodies will die.

As the seasons turn, the yin energy increases. We care for our bodies, our minds, our emotions, our hearts. We care for our relationship to Source, our inspiration, our knowing, our experience of Source flowing through our lives.

We breathe deeply, and we draw our focus into ourselves, into our relationship with Source, whose purity glows at the center of our being. This is what matters most.

We pause, rest into the energy of our Core.

We welcome it to expand out through our bodies, infusing our physical lives, emotions, and minds, our dreamscapes, our astral awareness, our causal fields. We allow the Core of energy, the purity of Source that we are, to fill up our whole life experience.

And we set ourselves at ease, knowing we are cared for, and care for ourselves. We start here, with ourselves, and peacefully, quietly, joyously, we settle in for a winter of Self-love. Over the next six weeks, we allow our manifestations to pause, as we intend our focus upon our Core of Source energy. As the green world, animals, and land rest in the nurturing yin of winter, so we rest in the infinite love, support, inspiration, and nurturing energy of Source. So much love, Béthany

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