The Light of the Solstice

This night, the darkest, longest night of the year for those of us in the Northern hemisphere, is a potent reset.

Like the pause between an exhalation and an inhalation, it is a gap between the darkening days and the lightening days.

This cycle is natural to us, supportive of all life on earth, nurturing to our bodies. The cycling of breath, of sleep and wakefulness, of growth and change, action and restoration are soft and gentle emanations of the ever-changing, constantly flowing creation of life that we are.

There is great power in the dark of the solstice. A conscious pause at this time, within the pause provided by the alignment of the sun and earth on this day, allows the experience of the reset to deepen.

Traditional winter solstice ceremonies begin in the dark, and proceed with a period of mourning, grieving, and acknowledging what has occurred in the past year, and of letting it go. Letting go is one way to look at it- but really letting go is merely participating in the preciousness of change. With change, we are ever-present, ever-willing to participate in our own beautiful, constantly arriving lives. If tomorrow is ever-arriving, and yesterday is ever-dissolving, every moment is spent in the gap between the two.

Take a moment, this solstice night, to feel the reset, to feel this pause most potently. Notice your breath, the inhalation, the exhalation, and the gap just before the next inhalation. Feel into the pause of the cycling of the sun. At this time, the northern hemisphere of the earth tilts the furthest away from the sun. Breathe into this astronomical pause, and receive the nurturing presence of the dark night, the glowing, full-of-stars night.

Take a moment, if you like, to review the year. Honour its power, honour your experience of it. Hold your life in your awareness, and keep breathing.

When you are ready, turn your attention to the full-of-stars night that holds the space for the reset. The night sky is full of light. The darkest night of the year is full of light. Potent, creative, beautiful light. This is a good night to set intentions for the year, to intend to embody the energies and activities that fill you with light. What nurtures the flame in your heart? What kindles its warmth, stabilizes its presence? Is it the wind in the trees? The laughter of friends? Creativity, kindness? Allow your heart, your body, and your life, to glow with the light that you are.

Tomorrow will be full of light. The year will be full of light. You are full of light.

Blessings, Luminous Being! You shine!

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