Identifying with the Light

Light is a continuous stream, emitting, changing, never exactly the same from one second to the next. Telling your mind that you’re going to start identifying with the light is a good way to help the mind and ego drop their need to hold on to all that they are holding on to, and open to the clarity of Beingness that you really are.

The practical applications of this involve shifting your focal point/source of attention to energies that inspire and enhance your life force- nature is a beautiful place to start.

So, gazing at trees for example. You may notice the size of the tree, the girth of the trunk, the spread of the leaves. The colors are beautiful: browns, reds, grays or white texture the trunk, perhaps patterned with pale green or white lichens, or deep green moss, while above, bright green or dark green, yellow or red leaves crown it, radiate its vibrance.

What inspires you? The gentleness? The ease? The expansiveness? The beauty? Welcome that feeling. Are you remembering that you are a being of beauty as well?

We can gaze at trees to remember ourselves.

How does your body feel when you are in nature? Do you feel more grounded, centered? Notice it in your body. Notice new streams of sensation, the dissolving of tense places, the deepening of your breath.

Try gazing at plants while consciously holding your awareness inside yourself. If you remain aware of your breath as you gaze, how does the experience change? Does your perception of the trees shift? Are they more distant, or more relatable?

Keep breathing. Keep gazing.

Notice what you notice.

The energies of nature that inspire you, whatever they may be; spaciousness, fluidity, peacefulness, notice them and welcome them.

Do you feel that spaciousness within?

Is it a familiar sensation?

Part of your essential nature also flows through the trees. You are the tree-energy that you see, that you are resonating with, that you are inspired by.

The peacefulness, power and spaciousness that fills you as gaze is part of your natural internal landscape. You thought you were inside looking out, but another way to look at it is that simultaneously, your gaze allows the energy of the trees to illuminate your internal landscape, to remember your own peacefulness, power, and spaciousness.

This same principle applies to water, physical landscape, stones, starlight: all of the nature beings that are so vibrantly resonating as themselves.

As humans, we are not less than the trees. We’re just a little distracted, disoriented, confused. So we gaze at nature to re-call our innate nature.

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