The Wisdom of Pine

Pine trees stand tall towards the winter sun. They are some of the only trees left still holding their leaves; their thin, dark pine needles.

Pine offers a wisdom perspective of a continued Beingness of light, releasing some needles every year while retaining most. There is a gentleness in this recurrent, almost invisible change. The change is not so dramatic as the autumn release of leaves, or the spring rebirth, but it is as powerful to the health of the tree. Interestingly, the needles dropped are those on the inside of the branches, towards the trunk.

Pine trusts that as it always stands tall towards the sun, during winter and summer, its Beingness shines with self-confidence and gentleness.

Look to Pine, this winter, for help with releasing those inner layers of beliefs that are no longer healthy to the fullness of your Beingness. As these beliefs shift willingly, or are shaken up, look to Pine to re-member a new self-confidence, one that shines from you as uniquely, persistently, and gently as it shines from Pine.

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