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Smiling with Dandelions

We are entering the window of another crossquarter, the mid-way point between the equinox and the solstice. The actual alignment of Beltaine (or Samhain in the Southern Hemisphere) is on May 5th.

So much is growing right now: the trees have fresh green leaves, in the garden, a gorgeous bleeding heart grew two feet in a month, and in the countryside, apricots, cherries and peaches are being (or will soon be) harvested.

At Beltaine, growth is so fast and extraordinary. This is the time of year when the wood energy in Traditional Chinese Medicine is at its peak. This is the energy of planning, making decisions and taking action. When we experience difficulties in moving forward with our plans, or when fears stagnate our ability to choose, the perspective of Dandelion can be of assistance.

The bitter leaves can help to keep qi flowing, clear stagnant energy, and detoxify, while their flowers are so confident and comfortable with themselves, they encourage us to be who we are, where we are, and smile. Whether or not you choose to eat the leaves, it's worth smiling at a Dandelion on days when you feel frustrated or overwhelmed.

In fact, any time spent with a Dandelion can help to calm and rebalance our spirit, reorienting us towards the ease and clarity within. The reorientation that occurs when talking to plants is one of inspiration, in which our energy remembers its own potential for clarity. It is so refreshing!

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