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Cauldron of Light

One of the potent transformational energies up right now is that of releasing ego roles. They are so prevalent, obviously and not so obviously influencing our interactions, thoughts, responses, and assumptions about possibilities in life. But they are not our core being fully expressing itself.

Its a good time to get out the Cauldron of Light, in which to pour all of these roles.

The Cauldron of Light is a powerful vessel, made of light, in which denser energies transform to light. In Goddess and Druidic traditions, among others, cauldrons hold space for transformation, the clearing of difficulties and the revitalisation of inspiration.

Take some time, if you like, to ask God/dess/Source/The Light to hold a cauldron for you, to give you the space to let go of the roles that are sapping your vitality, derailing your creativity, that are out of phase with your Authentic Presence.

Breathe, and ask for help, if you like, in detaching and truly offering up all that is not your Essence. The victim energies, the tyrant energies, the savior, the martyr, the rebel, the wiseone, the child, the parent, the seeker, and even whatever role you are playing as you offer them up- the humble one, the spiritual one etc.

Breathe, and watch as it all turns to light: swirls, sparkles, currents, explosions. Transforms. Keep your presence in your body, and notice how much lighter you feel.

Participating with this kind of transformation tunes us into the support available for the transition. And its not that we stop being a parent- or a child- or a seeker- but that all the associations, stories, and habits related to those roles can fluidify, allowing for a more authentic interaction, one that honours the Essential in us.

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