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Where all that energy goes...

There is infinite raw Source energy available in our lives, in the universe.

Imagine your whole life as a field of energy. Aspects which stay static, habitual or familiar are places where energy is being processed in predictable ways. This may be fine for a time, a long time, even, or may be the cause of great struggle- a chronic illness or a difficult emotional habit of anger, or a pattern of behavior and occurrence in our life.

Everything, every thought, every possibility, every dream even, is an interpretation of the raw energy that enters our fields and is converted in some way into another form of energy. Converted into objects, into interactions, into the texture of an experience.

Most of this information gets channeled without conscious participation. But there is an extraordinary amount of it accessible to us at all times, and what I am finding the most compelling right now is the idea that all of our emotions and habits of perception are ways of channelling this raw energy.

Because it all originates as raw energy.

It is time for that fine but extraordinary boundary between the raw Source energy and our personal fields- the places this energy gets interpreted, packaged, manifested, where our thought patterns take place, our emotions play out, our relationship habits are stored - to be fully and thoroughly updated.

Source Herself can take care of this, reweave all the threads, change the whole interface of receptivity.

What does it take? Allowing - choosing - welcoming - acknowledging - gratitude - receptivity - surrender - honouring of ourselves as an aspect of Source, and therefore, - knowing that is update/reweave/change is an extraordinary gift, and also, it is so so natural. We are never left out of Source’s freshest, newest energies.

Try it. Breathe deeply, from the center of your being. And ask- allow- choose for all the ways that we channel the clean abundant Source energy to be refreshed. The boundary of our fields, the programs, all the unconscious pathways of energy as thoughts, emotions, actions, dreams, and everything else - all of this to be refreshed.

Breathe deeply and release.

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