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Welcome to Lughnasa

Lughnasa is the celebration of the first harvest of the year. The exact alignment is 7.40 in the morning of August 7th (GMT.) This is the time of year when berries are abundant in the hedgerows of England, while in Montana, the huckleberries will soon be ready. And I, in pondering places where I have lived, take my pondering in the direction of my new home, New Mexico. I move to Santa Fe this month, where chokeberries - dark, tiny berries - grow wild.

When I write these articles, I tune into what energies are being offered by Source at this time. There is an abundant peacefulness, a fullness that is spacious. This is not a still energy, it is actually requiring some physical-matter action in order to be fully present with the peaceful energy.

What in your life is ready to harvest? Is there anything that requires some peaceful action in order to fully manifest?

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