Unfurl Your Wings

As daylight decreases in the Northern hemisphere, we turn inwards to our inner fires. This is the celebration of the new year, in the Celtic calendar, the first fire ceremony. The continuing energies and opportunities offered to everyone on the Earth at this time, are ones of unfurling your wings, clearing all the static energy in your aura (wings do this well,) and lifting into higher frequencies of being.

The heart has miraculous energy. It is the place of the inner fire, where energies are purified, where our joy is clarified. And if we had visible wings, they would be emerging just behind the heart.

How do you stoke your inner fire? What brings you to a place of peace, of inner harmony, of joy, of expansion?

Right in this moment, we can just choose to prioritize our heart. Bring your attention to your heart, and breathe into it, fill it with grace. Relax. As your nurture your heart, let your heart nurture you. Say, ok, I’m listening. Its lift-off time.

Unfurl your wings, -see them, their color their texture, their size - and move them through the air. Stretch them open deliciously. Feel your heart expand as your wings open. How rare it is to care for our heart-wings! Move your wings in rhythm with your heartbeat. Let your heartbeat-wingbeat lift you. Feel the exquisite power and energy and clarity that radiates from your wings. Feel their movement through your aura, feel how they clear through all the stuff, the lingering, out-of-date, out-of-tune stuff. Feel that as the wings clear through your field, they also imbue it with your heart’s energy. Your whole field is inspired with heart-energy. You become lighter and lighter, surrounded by light, full of light, informed by the light you move through.

Where will you fly? Your wings know how to take you to the places of your hearts greatest resonance.

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