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Light in Every Gesture

The sun is bright even in the midwinter, in New Mexico. I’m walking through a slot canyon, a narrow path between high, water-carved cliffs. Its midday, and I gaze up to the top of the cliffs. The line that marks the boundary between rock and sky is blurred; the sun is so bright that it seems to reach beyond its place in the sky, sending brilliant rays onto the rock face. Its all sunlight, up there.

I reach out my hand to block the sun a moment, shade my eyes. My hand glows with an orangey-yellow aura, shining around the edges. I bring my hand down, and though it's not haloed anymore, it still glows. There are layers of energy, constantly shifting, all through my hand. I am a seer, and I am able to see energy glow from hands, plants, objects - all of life glows, if you look at it through the appropriate perception filter.

Put your hand out. Touch something. Your hand is glowing. You are wielding light. The light of your hand interacts with the light of the object: the pen, the book, the computer. Reach out your hand again, conscious of this light - whether or not you see it. You are moving light, igniting shifts and swirls, changes in the constellation of the light that you are and that surrounds you.

If you could see this way, the shimmer and sparkles, the different colors and densities of light, would you move differently? Touch differently?

With every gesture, you create.

The 4th of February is the cross-quarter celebration of Imbolc. Midway between the Solstice and the Equinox, we find this celebration of light. In the Northern hemisphere the sunlight is returning, in the South, the sunlight is diminishing. Yet all across the earth, we are enjoying a new paradigm, one awash in light. Lightstreams upon lightstreams, light fields hosting light games.

I am continuing to offer Reiki (which means “light-energy” in Japanese) and seeing sessions. During a session with a client, I see light flowing through their body and the space around them, coded with emotions, beliefs, memories. At times this flow of energy gets stuck and sludgey, other times it radiates brilliantly and beautifully through their aura. Through the session, I offer guided meditations and Reiki to help clear through the sludge and amplify their natural brilliance.

This new paradigm gives us the opportunity to play in the new light. How are you playing? Are you playing?

Play. Move with light.

If you would like guidance and support as you become more conscious of your light, consider contacting me for a session. “Lovely” “relaxing” and “like an energy hug,” these sessions can be beautiful boosts of awareness and clarity.

Blessed shining and shimmering!

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