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Playing with the Birds

Just before the equinox, I stepped outside and heard birdsong. It’s been a quiet winter in the high desert of New Mexico, and I was surprised to hear it. There they were: a small crew of variously colored birds hopping from branch to branch in the silver leafed trees out front. And around the corner of the house, wee sparrows were flittering through the piñons.

Do you ever envy birds? Their wings which make them so agile and able to move within the extra dimension of the sky? To soar, swoop, flutter, flit, fly, glide, hover, wing by? There is a lightness about them that is extraordinary.

I recently had the opportunity to communicate with a peyote cactus (not ingest, just listen.) It reminded me: we too can reach great heights. We too are light and agile.

It gave me this image: as humans, we may depend on a ladder to climb up into a tall tree, rung after rung of dependable support as we move away from the steadiness of the earth and up into the sky. But right now, our usual supports are changing. What was formally based on belief systems, structures, and ego patterns are dissolving - or have already dissolved. The structures that we have unconsciously depended on are no longer there for us.

Imagine this. You are climbing a ladder into a super cool treehouse, the place where you go to feel free and playful. You love the canopy of leaves and light playing above you, you see little birds fly past to land right up there by the landing where you, too, will soon be. A few more rungs left… But at the 12th step the rungs start to dissolve away… You lose your grip, one foot slips.

How do you feel? What comes up? Are you afraid of falling? Do you tense up? Does your heart shut down? Do you reach for that 13th rung hoping that there’s still something to hold onto?

This is what is happening right now. But the rungs of the ladder- the former support structures which were in fact based in beliefs and ways of life that are quite toxic- are dissolving into light.

This can be terrifying, destabilizing.

As the old ways dissolve, they return to the unprogrammed, vital living light that we are formed from. This is a much higher frequency substance than the ladder was, and is ready to materialize once again, but into a new, higher-frequency form.

Do birds fear that they will fall?

The structures you have depended on aren't there anymore, so... let go. (I don't suggest you try this with a physical ladder, because we are still fairly dependent on gravity in this incarnation and on this planet.)

Truthfully, how does a being of light function in a new, higher-frequency reality, in which the formally dependable subconscious structures are gone or radically changing?

As light. By light.

Call on the light that you are. Gaze at birds. Surround yourself with the highest-resonance, highest-frequency places (nature!) and friends, and choose to participate in the highest-frequency activities, ideas and experiences.

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