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Last night for many (this morning for some, depending where on the globe you are,) was the exact alignment of the Equinox. This Equinox is a huge transition time, and I’m certainly feeling it. There’s a lot up in the air right now, and that's probably more of a blessing than I’ve been allowing it to be.

What Source is actually offering- right now, supported by the Equinox portal, is for Source to handle everything. Dissolve the difficulties, all the habits of fretting and confusion, in fact all habits in any form, and prioritize the most optimal outcomes, the most joyous and abundant experiences, flows of expression and experience. To set all the pieces of our lives into new settings: beautiful, coherent, and harmonious, all patterned together in a gorgeous flow of sacred geometry.

What allows that to happen? I spoke with a Lilac bush about this one, and she said: Trust. Well that was simply put, I thought. But of course, it can be that simple... though I personally need help with remembering what trust feels like. Lilac offered this image: When you lay on your back in a beautiful pool, or in a shallow beach, or even in the bath, what do you feel? Relaxation, peacefulness, safety, surrender.. This is the simplicity of trust. So perhaps it's time to go for a swim, or just take a bath.

Autumn is a time for the winds to clear out the energy of the countryside, rustle the leaves. Spring, for those in the Southern hemisphere, also carries an energy of change, of hastening into creation. Wherever you are, Source has got this. Yes, we do need to tend to details, and co-create the big picture, but as a partner to Source, not as a fretting habit of the ego. Play, like you’re in water. Allow Source to choose the currents and the companions (human, four-legged, finned, winged, and symbolic companions alike.)

Trust. The swan knows it's supported, it will not sink.

This exquisite transition of the Equinox can be enjoyed, even with all the chaos, change, or uncertainly.

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