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Wheel of the Year, Year 2

A monthly membership program to support
conscious creativity as fractals of nature.

For year 2, we deepen our relationship with the yearly solar cycle and its seasons. In the first year, we focussed on how our bodies and emotions responded to the changing light, now we
focus on creativity. 

8 newsletters, 4 zoom contemplative workshops
Each newsletter will include:
brief article (shorter than in year 1),
Journaling questions
Practical exercises to embody the changing seasons
A written meditation
An audio recording of the meditation

Our creativity is a reflection of our fuller embodiment, which shifts with the seasons. Each of the eight wheel of the year ceremonies has a different focus and flavor, in keeping with the season. Learning to observe these natural changes in our productivity and need for rest can help to nourish a deeper connection to our mystical and earthly nature.


Each participant will also be asked to consciously relate to one aspect of their creative lives. We are all creative by nature, whether we bring that into our jobs, family lives, friendships or relationships, or create art as a hobby or as a profession, that creative fuel helps us to problem solve, daydream, and flow with the changes that are in our daily lives.

To support this immersion in our creativity as a fractal of nature, the newsletter will include a short article, journaling questions, practical exercises, a written meditation, and an audio recording of the meditation. While the basics of the cultural aspects of the alignments were described in year 1, in year 2, I'll mostly be writing about how nature is unfolding around me and how I am experiencing nature, as well as bring in some of the cultural practices that were not mentioned in the material in year 1.

Celebrating the Wheel of the Year honors the solar cycle and also acts as something of a realignment. The more I intend to receive support from nature for my creativity, the more I realize my creativity is already flowing with nature - I just need to step out of the way. And yet, having been born in the late 20th century in a post-industrial patriarchal society, I was imprinted and educated and trained with the industrial mindset, to produce produce produce, with little regard for the deeply important -essential - yin times, times of darkness, winter, letting go, and change. The post-industrial perspective deliberately perpetuates a disconnection from the wisdom of the natural world, and from ourselves as nature-al beings.

It is time to re-member our nature as fractals of the natural world.

Wheel of the Year image newbitly.png

Enroll by April 28

Mid-year enrollment: $13 a month for 8 months

What will you receive:

5 newsletters, one for each point of the wheel
5 audio meditations, one per newsletter

3 75-minute group gatherings, via zoom

Dates of the 8 points of the wheel:

Newsletters will be sent out a few days before the alignment. The dates refer to the Northern hemisphere timings, though the approach will be globally holistic.

Winter Solstice December 21
Imbolc February 3
Spring Equinox March 20
Bealtaine May 5
Summer Solstice June 21
Lughnasadh August 7
Autumn Equinox September 22
Samhain November 7

Timing of the Zoom gatherings:

Each gathering will be a contemplative workshop to deepen awareness and embodiment of the alignment.

Imbolc: February 1
Bealtaine: April 28
Lughnasadh: Early August (timing tbd 6 weeks prior)
Samhain: Early November (timing tbd 6 weeks prior)

Praise for my previous Lunar Grove membership, focussing on the lunar cycle.

"This writing is profound."
"Holy moly that's a good read!"
"Love it." 
"Absolutely wonderful post!"

"They're great reads, thank you so much for this."  
"So lovely, thank you." 
"A lot of food for thought."
"What a pleasure to receive this meditation from you last night!"
"I’ve been wanting to tell you your last lunar Grove was so beautiful, very special. Thank you for putting so much care and love into all of those writings. They’re a real treat and never fail to shed light and bring joy to my awareness of the plant world."

Sign Up Here

Monthly payments of $13, for 8 months.

What if you change your mind? 

If you change your mind, you can disenroll from future payments at any time. All completed payments are final and non-refundable.


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