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The Nature-al You: 
Nature Embodiment Mentorship

This is an opportunity to prioritize your relationship with nature, and with the nature-al part of you in a very particular way, observing and deepening how you and nature are in harmony, how you are nourished by your time in nature, how you show up as a fractal of nature.
How does nature affect your body through the lunar and solar cycle? The moon affects the tides, the dance of sun and earth create the seasons. As the wild animals migrate and hibernate, cocoon and fly forth within these cycles, so too do we shift and change with the cycles of nature. 

We are nature. You are nature. You are the natural world. Perhaps slightly remembered, or slightly forgotten, or layered under the patterns of behavior that the cultures you grew up in, which led you away from this remembering. 

What would it take to remember your nature-al beingness? 

This journey is unique to each of us, and so this program centers around your journey. 

How is your body in harmony with nature?
How is your mind? Your emotions? 
How is the flow of your creativity in flow with nature? 

Over the next 9 months, we will meet 9 times  via web call, during which you will have an opportunity to explore and discuss how nature is shifting through the seasons, and how you are shifting with it, observing places of harmony or dissonannce. Through the months, you will encouraged to follow up your own curiosity around nature rituals, or create your own, deepen your body’s connection with nature, enhancing the nourishment and optimization that occurs when we align with our inner nature. 

This is about calling in your own guidance and wisdom, your own curiosity. I will offer suggestions or insights, but mostly I’ll be there as a facilitator, encouraging you and providing some structure for the journey. We will begin and end sessions with a meditation.

Between sessions, you will have some practices or writing to do, and questions to answer or explore. 
We will meet for 9 one hour sessions, beginning in March and ending in November.

Sign Up Here:

$450 early bird special! Until the end of February.

$550 payment in full
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$201 for three months (total $603)
$72 a month for nine months
(total $648)

What will you receive:

9 one-one video web calls
Follow up journaling questions
Home “play” based on our monthly discussions to deepen your physical, mental, and emotional connections with your nature-al-ness.
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