Tuning Intuition

Intuition is an aspect of the flow of our most essential energy, unaltered unlabeled, and unshifted by ego or mind. It is the presence that we are, the always-shifting, expansively-knowing, closest-energy-to-the-Source that we are.

We can tune to that essence, listen for that voice which seems to come from outside ourselves, in some image of GodGoddess or external wisdom, but is really the resonance of our most true selves.

Tuning to it, listening for it, seems like an action of the mind but really is a relinquishing of the mind’s habits of hindering, clinging to or controlling intuitive vibrations.

Intuition has many flavors: wisdom, clarity, guidance, knowing, resonating, and each of these can be amplified.

In a meditation, we can tune to intuition by inviting Source to fill us with intuition, perhaps flavored with wisdom and clarity in our intuitive seeing or sensing. Invitation is a form of intention.

It is important, too, to release and clear all limited and hindering perspectives of intuition. The past cycle held many associated definitions, including fear, distrust, anxiety, a feeling of external pressure, an uncomfortable “gut feeling” or judgmental thoughts. These are very limited versions of intuition, and clearing them allows for a fuller, clearer, more gentle and attuned energy of intuition to flow.

Clearing and receiving can occur simultaneously. As we receive the new energies of intuition, so we can relinquish the old to Source, asking Source to morph all limited versions of intuition into a wiser, fuller frequency of light.

As intuition manifests more fluidly in our lives, it can shift definition from feeling like an externally wise voice, into an embodied experience of Source in Action in our own energy fields. After all, intuition is just one description for the Source-Beingness that we already are, for the flow of Divinity that already flows through us. To amplify the presence and effect of these energies, we welcome them, relax into them. Relax the mind, the body, and breathe.

There are vast internal energy fields within each of us, perhaps previously unconscious, that are available and potent for intuitive clarity. Intend for them to be lit up with wisdom and clarity, or any flavor of intuition that appeals to you, and they will be. Invite Source to amplify, relax into the light of wisdom that fills up these fields, and be that which you are.

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