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Transforming Solstice

Hello Beings of Light,

You know when you listen to music that you really love, and it seems to permeate your body, transform your emotions, and soothe your mind? It fills the space, affects everyone present, and changes everything.

There is music that surrounds us all the time, the music of light, of creation, of Source, whether or not we are listening. A chollo, a tall, lanky, slightly scraggly cactus that lives near my house, invited me to listen to this music. The vibrations infuse everything all the time, so much so that I often forget to listen. And this week, the chollo turned my attention to listening, a listening that was so deep that I dropped the muscles of listening and became listening. Your cells hear this music. Your cells know how to be listening. Breathe, and drop into your body in a new way, trusting that your body is guided by the light, the music that it hears even when your mind is busy with other things. This solstice is about transformation, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to allow your body to transform itself by listening to the light. In this way, you can hear the Solstice. Trust, breathe, and let go.


The textile pictured above was handmade by the Shipibo, an indigenous tribe in the Amazonian basin in Peru. The Shipibo interpret the blessings of the natural world into song and textile, in a reciprocal way: the song is coded by the geometric form on the textile and just by looking at the textile, they can sing the song again. The song itself carries the blessing, as does the textile. In this way, song, geometric design, and the energy of the blessing are all one. So, as you explore your Solstice listening and transforming, I suggest you gaze at the image of the Shipibo textile above, to receive the blessing of the woven representation a specific song: The Song of Light and Shine in Work.

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