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Happy New Year

We're at the end of a powerful two-week portal of beginnings which began with the Solstice (the New Year in Earth-based religions,) was followed by the western calendar’s New Year, and is bookended by a New Moon and partial solar eclipse this weekend. What do you do when your life revolves around the sun, the land, and the shifting seasons? You change with the seasons. You listen to the land. You tune into the life cycle of the plants. Plants are becoming more and more center stage for me. I was recently traveling and everywhere I went, I spoke to the plantlife. Tiny cactuses, burly hedgerows, tall sturdy trees, brilliantly green grassy fields. When I take the time to listen to them, and greet them like a friend, I feel such wonderful acknowledgment, support, wisdom and friendship in return. Listening to plants is a powerful, subtle practice of energy discernment - and something that everyone is capable of. All it takes is an open heart, and respect for the Greenworld. Out of this deep listening, came the Lunar Grove, a monthly membership program aimed at transmitting plant spirit wisdom to a growing group of members. Each month, I speak with a plant friend and create a meditation inspired by the wisdom that arises. Lunar Grove members receive a newsletter with plant-spirit infused wisdom every new moon. The next one goes out tomorrow, with a meditation on Fluid Grounding by Catalpa: that wise, peaceful, and gloriously vibrant tree-friend.

What are people saying about the Lunar Grove and my plant-spirit inspired articles? "This writing is profound." "Holy moly that's a good read!" "Love it." "They're great reads, thank you so much for this." "So lovely thank you." "Wonderful." If you'd like to know more about the Lunar Grove, you can hop over to this article about Hedgehog Cactus, for an idea of what types of meditations are suggested. Or if you know you'd like to read about Catalpa's Fluid Grounding, it's not too late! You can join the Lunar Grove here. I hope you are so well during this time of beginnings. I highly recommend being outside - and talking to a plant!

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