Listening to the Body: Listening to the Breath

When I teach yoga, I encourage students to listen to their body. The body communicates in many ways, and we can develop our awareness to hear its gentle voice.

One of the simplest ways to develop this inner listening is by paying attention to the breath. Our breath is constantly changing, according to our thoughts, emotions, and activities: lengthening and shortening, flowing smoothly or feeling hindered.

Just as the water of a pond shifts and shimmers, glowing different shades of blue, green, grey, sunset pink, glaring white or silver, the breath is constantly changing as well.

Just as gazing at a pond is both deeply restful and informative about the season, the weather, and the health of the pond, listening to and feeling our breath is deeply restful and informative about our inner landscape.

How is your breath today?

Is it shallow or deep? Constricted, rapid, slow, aligned with your movements or forgotten?

As you pay attention to your breath, it will change, slowly it will soften and release.

At times the breath is very resistant. You can feel it stuck. Thats ok. Just notice.

The more we pay attention to our breath, the easier it becomes to listen to the rest of the body. The breath is like a messenger, communicating our feelings and energy levels. And listening to the messenger opens up communication to the whole body.

How is your breath, now?

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