Solstice Time!

Tomorrow, wednesday the 21st of June is the summer solstice for the North-dwellers, when the sun lights the Northern hemisphere more than any other day of the year. So much light!!

Are you remembering that you are a Being of Light? And what does that even mean, Being of Light? One of my mentors refers to light as the information quotient of love.

All the planet’s beings, and the planet itself, are information in form. Love, as a beyond-our ego/mind understanding of love, is the extraordinary imbued-alive-real Presence of the All. And this energy, like a gorgeous kaleidoscope with infinite raw material, is what we are a manifestation of. We are the information of Love, in form. We are light.

We are Beings of Light. We are being Light. We are Light, being.

You know when you create something really beautiful? When you get to participate in a friendship, a work of art, a collaborative event, a project at work, a garden that is more beautiful than you could have imagined it would be? And somehow, there it is. You’ve written an extra special song, or created a sculpture or painting, it feels so precious. You’ve had a beyond-lovely afternoon with family or friends. You’ve sat by the water with immense wonder at how beautiful that shade of blue is. You’ve just participated in something amazing. And you can feel a glow inside yourself, a spaciousness without words, a gratitude. There is an inkling of your Light.

It feels so amazing.

If you like, prior to or on the Solstice, take some time to give your Light the opportunity to Be.

Journaling about what arises helps me to ground these Light-filled experiences. So, here are a few questions I’ve been contemplating: Are there places in nature that are more potent for me than others? Are there creative activities that bring up those feelings of peace and awe more than others? Are there collaborations that give my Light more of an opportunity to shine? Is there something my Light is yearning for?

I would love to hear from you, to communicate about the light in our lives.

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