The Power of the Equinox

The equinox portal is so powerful this year- the kind of luminosity that you feel when you stare up at a star-full night sky far far from human lights. So, so many stars. The sky like a bubble of energy. And you’re not separate at all from that bubble. You are in it, you are surrounded by stars.

And like a gorgeous starry night, this energy of this portal is so beautiful, and POWERFULL.

How does one participate in this energy? Allow yourself to become the energy. Become the portal of energy. Breathe (breathe starlight!) Breathe the expanse of stars through all your bodies.

Imagine gazing at the night sky far out in nature. There are so many stars, and their presence individually and cumulatively fill the sky and fill your heart. See all the outdated portions of your ego sitting around in your energy field. The “I should be this way” and “I’m right” and “I’m wrong”(s) and all the habits of being that are so old, so familiar... and nonessential. And call the stars in, the starlight to stream into your aura, to infuse you with expanded beingness. Each little chuck of ego just dissolves, disappears. Or shoots out of your aura and dissolves instantly into light.

And talk to Gaia and the Greenworld. Their energy is much more stable than ours during these transformative energy shifts. Is there a plant that has been calling your attention lately? Some lovely little green friend? A tree whose plumage just took on the aspect of a pheonix? Sit with them. Spend some time breathing consciously to stabilize your attention on your inner field before asking them how the transition is going for them.

The silver leafed trees just outside the door tuned me in to the magnificence of what is going on in the Energies. So awesome! This is a time not just to release the ego but to embody our Essence in new ways- new very awesome magnificent ways. The energy of the equinox is magnifying our choices. For today- and everyday- is there some way your Essence has been waiting to be allowed to be? Something you’ve been waiting to create? Infuse it with starlight, welcome the support that is so beautiful right now, and Be. Create your life from your true Beingness.

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